These drawings were made after a walk through the Park behind the Zurich Central Station in 1991.

The pictures show people shortly before their deaths, without hope or any chance of hope. The end phase for drug addicts. And that only a few meters behind one of the richest streets in the world, the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich.

The park was closed by police in 1992 and the addicts were scattered over Zurich. Now one no longer sees them, and the Swiss sense of cleanliness is preserved.



Injecting into any vein. With so many old sites, itís not easy. And a lot of them are infected.


Shopping row
All the people are near their end, only the syringes are cleaning packed, so that AIDS doesnít get spread. Most of the people here will die long before, from their addiction.

No hope, no future, dead eyes: soon simply dead.

A distinctly better dressed person. Is he a Pusher?
One addict helping another. He had the shakes so bad, that he would have spilt his heroin. He looked as though he was 45, was surely no more than 25. She, the helper, looked 30ish. How old was she really?


How do you prepare Heroin before you inject it?

My personal opinion is that for drug pushers, rapists, child abusers and premeditated murderers, the death sentence should be applied.


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