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13. March, 2005

In preparation for the South Africa holiday, I figured that I needed to try out my dive gear before using it to come face to face with a Great White. Because of an outer ear channel infections, I hadn’t dived since Eritrea in October, six months before. The infection was the reason for the Eritrea holiday being a disappointing. It was a long way to fly, and expensive, to sit around on the boat, be irritable and watch your mates diving.

I wasn’t going to let that happen a second time, so I rented the pool ( ) for an hour and invited a couple of divers to come along. The pool is really boring, but perfectly safe. An excellent place for teaching, doing equipment checks and some Apnoe diving. After about half an hour in the water, you start running out of things to do. Like I said, it’s a good place to practice.


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